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In a recent letter to the editor, some people complained angrily about the new legislation banning certain lawn and garden equipment with two-stroke engines-engines that run on a mixture of oil and gasoline. What they wrote seems to have only one point of view on this issue. Let me provide some additional perspectives.
Air pollution is a major problem worldwide. If you look at cities around the world (India, China, Indonesia, etc.), you will find that air pollution is so dense that visibility is less than a quarter of a mile, causing cancer, sick children, ruined lives, etc.
Fortunately, California leads the country in reducing vehicle emissions. Because of this leadership, California’s air is cleaner than it was 30 years ago. The same is true for the country, because Detroit now builds catalytic converters and cleaner engines. We have all benefited, and the cost/benefit is overwhelming, which is conducive to cleaner air.
Two-stroke engines burn a mixture of oil and natural gas, and up to 30% of this fuel is released as unburned, highly reactive combustion by-products-nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide form surface ozone, acid rain and smog.
Edmunds (Automotive Analysis Company) conducted a study comparing a two-stroke leaf blower with a Ford 150 Raptor truck equipped with a 411-horsepower V8 engine. Running the leaf blower for half an hour will produce a certain amount of hydrocarbon pollution, because driving a raptor for 3,887 miles is equivalent to driving a raptor from Texas to Anchorage, Alaska. Check it out at
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Consider 20 million two-stroke engines that run for half an hour a day in California. How many times can you drive a Ford Raptor to the moon and come back equal to those two-stroke pollution? Half an hour vs. 3,887 miles… Does this make sense?
I live on real estate with orchards, ponds, pastures, woods, barns, etc. I have four two-stroke chain saws: three Steele and one Husky. All good saw.
I recently bought a Makita chainsaw and it is my favorite. Yes, it is smaller than the big husky, but it is great. Start immediately…When the second stroke does not start immediately, never swear like I did. I walked to an incision, flipped a switch, Makita started, I cut in and turned off the switch. There will still be professional and powerful Stihls and Huskies, but homeowners do not need or need them.
All the major lawn equipment manufacturers are turning to electric-Husky, Steele, Deere, Toro, etc. Prices will fall, pollution will fall, and noise will fall. This is called progress.
We all live in an overly politicized world. We are either left or right, Antifa or alternative right, Trump or never Trump… What happened to the honest dialogue between Americans?
Banning two-stroke engines over time is not a bad thing. Compare it with the evaluation of catalytic converters by automakers and the petroleum industry 30 years ago. Over time, we will find that electric lawn products, even chainsaws, will be very good in the future.
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