How to use the chain saw

Chainsaw is short for “gasoline chainsaw” or “gasoline powered saw”. Can be used for logging and forging. Its sawing mechanism is the saw chain. The power part is a gasoline engine. It is easy to carry and easy to operate.

Operation steps of chain saw:

1. First, start the chain saw, remember not to pull the start rope to the end, otherwise the rope will be broken. When starting, please gently pull up the starting handle with your hands. After reaching the stop position, pull it up quickly and press down the front handle at the same time. Also be careful not to let the starter handle spring back freely, control the speed by hand, slowly guide it back into the case so the starter cord can be coiled up.

2. Second, after the engine runs at maximum throttle for a long time, let it idle for a period of time to cool the air flow and release most of the heat. Avoid thermal overloading of components on the engine that could cause combustion.

3. Again, if the engine power drops significantly, it may be because the air filter is too dirty. Remove the air filter and clean the surrounding dirt. If the filter is stuck with dirt, you can put the filter in a special cleaner or wash it with cleaning solution and then dry it. When installing the air filter after cleaning, check that the parts are positioned correctly.