The Arkansas team will revolutionize the power tool market

Pole Daddy, invented by Gary Sinyard and promoted by the inventor and his partners Jimmy and Scottie Ivers, is ready to revolutionize the domestic chain saw market. â???? I know there must be a better way than the traditional pole saw????, long-time carpenter and builder Mr. Sinyard recently explained. â???? Why not use a device that allows you to use a regular chain saw but in an extended way? â???? Indeed, why not? However, Mr. Xinyard looked around and found that there was no such product on the market, so he started to invent, apply for a patent, and even make his own prototype.
Before Mr. Sinyard’s invention, the chainsaw owner had to purchase a second chainsaw in the form of a chainsaw to get a greater range. In addition to the fact that the cost of Pole Daddy is less than half of most pole saws, a typical pole saw is a rather bulky and lengthy piece of equipment that cannot be installed in a vehicle. Normally, it is transported behind a truck, but even so, it often sticks out awkwardly and may accidentally come into contact with trees and other objects when the truck crosses a country road. On the contrary, Mr. Sinyard designed his equipment to be easily disassembled into multiple parts, each not exceeding 4.5 feet in length.
The Pole Daddy team is proud to be able to bring this breakthrough product to the market because the market opportunities for this product are both huge and multifaceted. Important markets that will benefit from this innovation include professional loggers, recreational hunters, and wildlife viewing participants, as well as other outdoor activities that can chop down branches.
However, the largest market is actually 77 million American families who live on independent properties with their own yard. Whether it is some kind of unwanted nest, a branch damaged in a storm but still not fallen, a branch obstructing ideal vision, or just wanting more firewood, it is equipped with equipment to remove hard-to-reach parts of the tree. And provide important value to owners of houses with yards on demand.
These are just some of the reasons why the Pole Daddy team, composed of Mr. Sinyard and the aforementioned Ivers brothers, proudly display its highly acclaimed patented products on its website The website showcases the advantages of Pole Daddy products and also includes a short but powerful product demonstration video. The team’s current main goal is to get potential licensees to notice this innovation.
Interested parties are encouraged to write to Jimmy Ivers to contact the team at By addressing consumer issues that tens of millions of Americans (and others) may involve, Pole Daddy provides an exceptionally strong growth opportunity for established manufacturers of chain saws or related equipment.
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